An online community for artists that transcends disciplines, backgrounds and geography.

We use Slack, an online communication tool, to connect online.

This tool enables us to share what we’re working on, ask questions (and find solutions together) and arrange both virtual and physical meet-ups. Our community is free to join. If you haven’t already, register with us and you’ll receive an invite. we’ll send you an invite. If you’re already a member, get in touch and we’ll send you the details.

Slack can be used on desktop computers and smart phones through their app, as well as through your browser.

How does it work?

Our online community is open to our members. If you’re not a member, head on over and register (it’s free) and we’ll send you an invite to join us. We do have some simple guidelines for usage — what the community is for and isn’t for.

Be nice.

We operate on an ethos of kindness and support and don’t tolerate bad behaviour. The platform is there for artists to connect and support one another, not compete or put down.

Be open.

It’s OK to ask questions, to not be sure. If you want to know how someone has got to where they are, or the process used, it’s OK to ask, provided it’s done appropriately. That’s how we learn.

Be supportive.

A community is only as strong as its members that speak up and support each other. We’re all about reciprocation — so offer advice and support to others too.

Be non-judgemental.

Our community is made up of a myriad of humans from various backgrounds and life experiences. We’re all different and that’s what makes us fantastic. We might not understand each other at times, but that’s OK. Let’s respect our differences.

Be non-commercial.

We’re happy for you to share your projects that you might be getting paid for, but we don’t allow businesses to sign up, or posting explicitly business related projects. We’ll help you grow your business, but we’re not an advertising opportunity.