Arts & Health Hub

A place for artists to connect, learn and share.

We support artists and cultural producers in the arts and health sector to be the best they can be.

Through our online community, events and peer groups we create a space for artists to support one another through a non-competitive network.
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Connecting during coronavirus.

Whilst our in-person activities are on hold, here’s how you can get involved with the Hub:

Whilst our in-person events are on hold, we've continued to run online events to support the network. Our next event is on October 26th.
A new series of interviews with Hub members & corresponding online events.
An online community for artists that transcends disciplines, backgrounds and geography.

Read our COVID Impact Report.

During June & July 2020 we collected information on how the pandemic has affected artists in the arts & health sector. 91 members of the network responded to our short survey which asked questions about how artists who specifically work in arts and health had been impacted by the pandemic. We also asked what arts and health practitioners would like to see from the sector.

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Our Partners, Funders & Supporters:

Royal College of Psychiatrists