Terms & Conditions.

This page outlines the terms and conditions of use, should you choose to become a Hub member, attend our events or utilise any of our online systems.

Safer Spaces
The Arts & Health Hub is an inclusive network that encourages diversity in its members. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination. We encourage all of our members to think sensitively about their actions when interacting with one another or taking part in our activities, and to be aware that people hold different beliefs, ideas and opinions. Please be respectful to one another.

Usage & Engagement
The Arts & Health Hub is run as a network for artists and cultural producers interested or working in arts & health to connect, learn and share from one another. The usage of our services are at the Hub’s discretion. You may not be entitled to use our services if you:

  • are disruptive or disrespectful/abusive to anyone in the network, both in-person and online;
  • repeatedly abuse any of our online systems;
  • repeatedly reserve spaces for events without attending (or communicating reason for non-attendance), prohibiting others from making use of those spaces;
  • do not follow our primary principle of reciprocation — for example showing that you have no interest in contributing resources or support to others & simply want to use the network for your own gain.
  • use our services for business opportunities to sell products, or register as a business. The Hub is artist led to explore the field of arts and health, not to promote medical services and/or businesses.

Spirit of Reciprocation
The Hub is very much about getting out what you put in. As such those that contribute the most to the Hub will be prioritised in terms of opportunities. If you’ve signed up to become a member but never communicated with us, or attended an event, and want to attend a workshop or do an Instagram takeover, it’s unlikely to happen. The Hub’s aim is to build connections through reciprocity and engagement.

Good Nature
The ethos of the hub is to support one another. We pride ourselves on thriving on a spirit of generosity, not competition, and as such there is an expectation of a level of sharing and sensitivity towards one another. The nature of the work often shared at the Hub is often personal and highly sensitive. Any level of repeated insensitivity may lead to you being banned from our events or our online platform.

Peer Group Guidelines
We’re all adults but sometimes we need a bit of a reminder of what is and isn’t acceptable. Below are some guidelines and reminders:

  • Phones are to be on silent or switched off whilst people are sharing their work.
  • Treat people as you would like to be treated. Please be sensitive when asking questions/making statements about people’s work or ideas. Due to the nature of the group’s focus, a large number of people are presenting very personal works and may also feel anxious at sharing them with a group of people.
  • Refreshments are provided but please do not get up and make a cup of tea etc whilst someone is sharing their work.
  • Presentation slots are relatively short so please make your comments/questions relevant to the topic. There is time at the end of the session (and sometimes at the pub) to bring up other subjects.
  • The emphasis in this group is peer support and learning, meaning it’s just as important to give and share as it is to take. The spirit of the group is to support and lift one another up.
  • Please have a spirit of responsibility: wash up & dry your cups, stack your chair if needed when tidying up.

Our Slack Channel
Usage of Slack channel is at our discretion. We will not accept any abusive or offensive behaviour. We also do not allow posting of business information for the purpose of commercial gain. Failure to adhere to this, or any behaviour that we deem unacceptable may lead to the user being banned.

Our Mailing List
When you register to become a Hub member you will automatically be added to our mailing list to receive relevant information about our upcoming events, opportunities and resources. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Self Care & Liability
The Hub can not take any responsibility for your own well-being. We encourage members to exercise self-care and our events or online community is not in any way a kind of therapy or replacement for therapy. The advice by Hub members is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. We encourage Hub members to seek support if they are struggling. Below are some suggestions:

  • Visit your GP for medical advice
  • Seek support from your mental health crisis team
  • Call Samaritans on 116 113
  • Access services through Mind, the mental health charity

If you have an immediate concern about another member in the network, please call the police (on 101 or 999 depending on the urgency). If you are concerned about a member in the network being abused (physically, emotionally, sexually etc) we encourage you to speak to their local social services department.