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City: Rochester
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Photography
Zara Carpenter is a self-taught multi disciplinary artist; using analog photography, print making, sculptural assemblages and performance.

Her current work explores the experience of past trauma and its physical effects on the body. Previous bodies of work have examined themes of living with chronic illness, dependency on pain medication and her fascination with memento mori imagery.

Zara has exhibited nationally and internationally and is the co-founder of the arts project SICK! Living With Invisible Illness, she has curated and co-curated several group shows. In 2018 Zara was awarded a Developing Your Creative Practice Grant from Arts Council England.

Zara is also an arts workshop facilitator delivering workshops for The Wellcome Collection, Normal! festival of the Brain, FreeSpace Project and many more. 

City: London
Job Role: Photographer/Primary School Teacher
Art Forms: Photography
My photographic practice is concerned with creating a poetic visual language to explore the hidden and mysterious aspects of the psyche. I use photography as an expressive tool to reveal the emotional aspect of human experience. I am interested in creating imaginary worlds that sit between autobiography and fiction. My inspirations come from philosophy and psychology, I work intuitively and collaboratively, through a process of research, intuition and chance I hope to create narratives which are open to interpretation.