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City: Hove
Job Role: Artist and Consultant
Company: Yvonne J Foster
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary
Yvonne J Foster is a Brighton based artist. She hand-makes miniature works of art, books and tiny boxes; stitches paper landscapes; and creates graphic images. Alongside this work she uses art to express the unique way her brain processes information.
\"I\'m constantly searching for different ways of explaining how I respond to the world. I play the visual storyteller; creating worlds of escapism, optimism, possibility and longing. When emotional realities are harsh I choose curiosity, creative exploration, freedom, invention, stories and treasures.\"
When not creating art, Yvonne works with local organisations delivering Arts for Health and Wellbeing programmes for under supported artists facing barriers due to disability, mental health, long term illness, and social circumstance.

​\"Being creative is essential to my wellbeing. It helps me to connects with others and enables me to share stories and start conversations.\"