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City: Melbourne, Australia
Job Role: Head of Arts programs / Arts Health Facilitator
Company: ANVAM
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Music, Photography, Writing
Artist/ Arts Health Facilitator & Arts Educator working across Education, Mental Health, Community & Museum sectors.


City: london
Job Role: art therapist
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary
I am a recently registered HCPC art therapist. I have always had a passion for how arts can be utilized for self-expression and the healing of mental and physical issues. I have experienced the great opportunity of developing my own artistic practice through my BA sculpture course, in which I spent three years creating and expressing myself artistically through the creation of sculpture works.

I then took a year to volunteer in two NHS inpatient hospital settings. One being a neurology ward in a general hospital three times a week, helping and empathizing with the patients and staff on the ward. The other I volunteered in a psychosis inpatient ward at an inpatient NHS mental health setting, assisting the occupational therapist in running recovery activity groups that included arts and crafts. It was an exciting experience, which taught me how to empathically support vulnerable people in dealing with their lives.

In my two years of fulltime Ma art psychotherapy course, I had the opportunity to learn how art-making can function as a psychotherapeutic treatment in helping people deal with their experienced life challenges. This was also experienced through my clinical placements with children and adults in which I could put into practice the learned art therapeutic skills and witnessing the power of the artmaking and images created as these facilitated a means of reflection, awareness, and development of skills for my clients to recover or manage more effectively their mental health and life challenges.

Currently, I am volunteering for an outpaint substance abuse service in which the clients and I engage in a therapeutic art therapy relationship.

City: County Cork
Job Role: Intuitive Art Workshop Facilitator
Company: Terry Datson
Art Forms: Painting


Born in London, I trained as a Social Worker and Youth & Community Worker and spent all of my adult life working with people who are disadvantaged in some way. I moved to Ireland 30 years ago and for the past 28 years I worked at senior management level in two large disability organisations in Ireland.


In 2016 I suffered a personal bereavement and decided to resign from my senior management position to focus on supporting my 2 sons through School and on to college. During this period I participated in two art related training courses at the Crawford College of Art; The Principals of Art Therapy and, Art and Group Facilitation.


Since graduating at the Crawford I now facilitate Individual & Group workshops with the theme “Unlocking your Creativity”. I also deliver Team building through intuitive art workshops.


I discovered Intuitive Art by chance and it has changed my life. I now wish to share both my journey, and, the many spiritual, physical and mental health benefits of creating art intuitively.

City: London
Job Role: test
Company: test
this is a test account.
City: London
Job Role: Creative Awards Scheme Project Officer
Company: SANE
Art Forms: Painting, Photography, Writing
I am an artist presently re-establishing my practice, and looking for some peer support to help me build momentum with this. The lockdown has in many ways been an opportunity to re-connect with what\'s important in a personal sense; making art and building projects on a daily basis has been both affirming and fulfilling, but I know I need to connect with other artists and creative people to help my work develop and grow in the longer term. The exchange of ideas and organic learning that emerge in group settings is something I feel I could both contribute to and grow from; I feel that I have been creatively \'self-isolating\' for way too long. In terms of my connection with mental ill health, this is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, as I\'m sure it is for many. I realise now that I have either been affected by this directly, or have been close to others going through their own struggles my whole life. Finding ways to live with these challenges has been a strong narrative within my experience so far, perhaps I can share what I have learned through these processes in time. I work for a mental health charity, and my role oversees a small grants programme that offers awards to people with mental health conditions to help them develop their artistic practice. Now seems the right time to develop my own practice too.
City: London
Job Role: Photographer/Artist
Company: Tim Boddy Photography
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Photography
Tim Boddy is a commercial photographer and videographer based in London, also available for assisting work.

He develops personal documentary-based projects, with his practice generally centred on the LGBTQIA community, alongside alternative photographic processes such as anthoypes and cyanotypes. Tim also runs workshops on these processes.

In regards to commercial activities, his work includes portraiture, editorial assignments, corporate events, music events, weddings, and festivals. He is confident working in a studio environment and on location. Tim is also an experienced picture editor and picture researcher.

City: Stamford
Job Role: Artistic Director
Company: Casson & Friends
Art Forms: Dance, Filmmaking, Multidisciplinary, Other
Tim is the founder of Casson & Friends, a UK based dance theatre company that create #PeoplePoweredPerformance: accessible, interactive and joyful dance projects that start with a conversation. The company works with a diverse range of collaborators, from filmmakers and musicians to computer programmers and psychologists, but most often collaborates with the public, inviting them to engage with dance in exciting and accessible ways.
With a passion for bringing dance to people in new and unusual contexts, C&F’s work to date has been presented in a range of settings including Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Libraries, Hotels, Pubs, Offices and Football Stadiums. C&F also explore the potential of digital technology to create new ways of enhancing and engaging with dance performance.
A DanceEast Associate Artist, Tim previously held associate positions at Pavilion Dance South West, Metal Peterborough and dancedigital. He is also a SERIOUSWORK Certified Facilitator of Lego® Serious Play® Method and Materials.

City: London
Job Role: Maker
Company: Beyond Arts
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Illustration, Other
I setup Beyond Arts in early 2020, we amplify the voices of young people who have experienced cancer through arts projects designed to make visible the invisible impacts of a diagnosis. I\'m a Community Artist who was on the BBC\'s Ones To Watch list as a Community Theatre practitioner in 2015. 
City: Hemel Hempstead
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Illustration, Painting
Artist, recently returned to London area after 40 years living in Scotland. Following a 20 year career in graphic design, broken down by the pressures, I quit my job. Recovery for me has involved realising that depression and anxiety have affected most of my life and that I\'d been just coping. I have found that reconnecting with nature and especially gardening, and rediscovering my creativity have aided recovery. Gardening, nature and art have become essential and therapeutic to me. I have facilitated group art sessions and have discovered a passion for encouraging creativity in others. At the moment am keen to work on what art means to me and gain experience helping others create.