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City: London
Job Role: Art therapist
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles
Art therapist and

counselling tutor interested in promoting diversity


City: London
Job Role: COO & Impact Consultant
Company: SafetyNet Technologies & The Impact Collective
Art Forms: Other, Painting
I would say I\'m an artist dabbler 😉 Not by profession, but creativity is something I\'d like to include regularly in my life. I often host Artsy Get Togethers which brings friends together to spend hours together working on creative activities from card making to lino-cutting to ornament making.
City: London
Job Role: Project Coordinator, and Facilitator
Company: Community Crafternoons
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Painting
Community Crafternoons is Craft for Wellbeing.

We aim to have fun, be creative, share ideas and be sociable! Open to adults of all ages and suitable for beginners.

We offer taster classes in a variety of arts and crafts.  We particularly welcome individuals who are shielding, isolated, disabled, lonely and lacking in activities and hobbies.

City: London
Art Forms: Photography, Writing

I am a photographer, writer and radio show host whose photography includes portraiture and still life. The aim of my work is to be clear, compassionate and honest. I am also interested in opening new dialogues about mental health and chronic invisible illness, living with both conditions myself. Listen to my podcast ‘The Two of Us’ (originally aired on Reel Rebels Radio) where I talk to writers and artists about their work and how it relates to mental health and emotional well-being.

I have been Artist-in-Residence at Culpeper Community Garden, Islington and my work has been exhibited at Ovalhouse, The Albany, Lewisham Art House, The Nunnery Gallery (as part of the Shape Open 2013), The Pie Factory, Margate and Free Space Project, Kentish Town.

City: London
Job Role: Playwright
Art Forms: Writing
City: London
Job Role: Executive Director
Company: Nonclassical
Art Forms: Music
Natalia Franklin Pierce runs Nonclassical, a label, event promoter and artist development organisation. Prior to this her expertise was in leading projects with artist development at their heart for the London Symphony Orchestra and Sound and Music. A year freelancing in between these roles saw her producing RPS award-winning Multi-Story Orchestra’s 2016 programme in a multi-storey car park including their inaugural BBC Prom and managing composer Emily Hall. A brief stint at Ikon Arts Management gave her a foot in the door.
City: London
Job Role: Artist / Voluntary Arts London Development Officer
Company: F.A.T. Studio / Voluntary Arts
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Multidisciplinary, Writing

Natanya is a creative practitioner interested in collective and intuitive making. Natanya’s approach is hands on, and is concerned with how we can feel more in touch with our everyday environments. Tactile workshops make up a large part of her artistic practice, often involving collective weaving processes to fabricate community closeness. Natanya enjoys re-purposing throwaway materials; polystyrene chip boxes have been transformed into looms, and disused ethernet cables have become weaving materials to re-connect participants with their environment.  In 2016, Natanya initiated the first series of creative workshops to be hosted at the Royal National Institute of Blind People, and continues to manage an arts programme at RNIB. Natanya is a part-time Development officer for Voluntary Arts, and also a co-director of F.A.T. Studio.

Job Role: Artist and workshop facilitator
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary
my work spans dance, performance, video, sound, installation, photography and ritual. I hold ‘connect & create- body, movement & imagination ‘ workshops for people who experience chronic health issues, m.e/chronic fatigue and for folks who for one reason or another feel they don’t fit in to the mainstream offerings for movement and creative spaces. My own work looks at trauma/recovery, taboo, unusual psyche-experiences and feelings that are not given space in our culture. I’ve chosen art as my medicine after many years of living with multiple health issues and want to connect with others doing the same and offering these spaces to others
City: Nicosia, Cyprus
Job Role: Dance Scientist / Dance Teacher / Researcher / Physical Therapist / Sports Massage Therapist / Choreographer
Company: Project Breakalign
Art Forms: Dance, Other
I work in the fields of dance/choreography, teaching dancers, but mostly in the health field of injury prevention for dancers, education in the realm of understanding the neuromuscular pathways of the body in order to optimise performance. My research has been in the areas of biomechanics, physiology, injury incidence and strengthening and conditioning for dancers, and my aim is to make people understand the formula of not getting injured to have longer careers, less financial loss and to prevent mental health illnesses due to physical impairments.
City: London
Job Role: senior lecturer
Company: UAL
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Fabric / Textiles, Filmmaking, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Writing
City: London
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Graphics, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Sculpture, Writing

I am a multidisciplinary artist making art about science; genetics and evolution in particular.

I work with digital and interactive elements, and with physical sculpture using a wide range of materials.

Collaboration is a core part of my artistic practice. I have worked with scientists from UCL, KCL, UEA and the Crick, creating artworks and workshops about science. I have exhibited in museums and galleries such as the Tate Exchange, the Grant Museum of Zoology, and the Science Museum.

I am interested in the modes of interaction between genetics and evolution and the artwork, and how accurately such artworks present their scientific concepts.

I am motivated by society’s apparent disconnection from both art and science as key human activities. Embodied cognition and aesthetic experience can help to connect the scientific concepts with the general public. Immersive artistic experiences can create non-didactic embodied ways to explore science through our senses.

Currently, I am collaborating with Dr Chawner at University of Cardiff and Ben Murray (as Phenotypica) in a Wellcome Trust funded public engagement project about mental health and genetics. We will explore the complex issues around genetic conditions and mental health through workshops with patients, families and clinicians, that will result in an exhibition of individual experiences. The project will be delivered online first, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and physically at a later date.

Originally graduating in Fine Arts (2007), I completed the Masters in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins (2017), year in which I transitioned my artistic practice to making art about genetics and evolution.

I have been exhibiting internationally since 2007 and I combine my artistic practice with the curation of exhibitions and workshops, which I consider necessary for social engagement within my artistic practice.

City: Witney
Job Role: Director
Company: deeper mindfulness
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Writing
1973 Graduated in Psychology and Philosophy; first class marks in Philosophy of Mind
1974 Qualified as a Teacher
1976 Plenary Presenter, First European Congress of Humanistic Psychology, London
1978 Plenary Presenter, 2nd European Congress of Humanistic Psychology, Geneva
1980 Qualified as a group and individual Psychotherapist.
1981 Elected to the Training Committee of Westminster Pastoral Foundation
1982 Elected to the Board of the Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling.
1982 Initiated into Siddha Yoga through “Shaktipat”
1984 Principle Officer for Group-work for Hammersmith Social Services, London
1989 Director of the Oxford School of Psychotherapy and Counselling
1992 Elected External Relations Representative UK Council for Psychotherapy
1999 Director OPPERA Charitable Trust
2001 Director Wombtwin Charitable Trust
2002 Guest of Honour, British Psychological Society Annual Conference
2002 Guest of Honour, British Association for the Advancement of Science
2002 Retired from full time psychotherapy and teaching to create poetry and pictures
2003 Plenary Presentation World Embryology Psychology and Psychotherapy Congress
2004 “Telling It Like It Is” Book of Poems published
2006 Poem Picture Artist of the Year on Flickr Website
2007 Presentation to Sylvia Plath 75 Congress Oxford University
2010 “A Journey Through Grief” in poetry, prose and pictures, was published
2013 Poetry and Pictures at the Ashmolean; Project Director
2018 Royal Photographic Society Prize, Science Photo-walk

Creative Arts Credits

A play published by the UK Arts council and performed in Brighton
Digital Art and Photography published in an American Art Magazine T.H.E
Featured in \"Universe D\'artistes,\" a French based on-line fine art nude magazine
Featured in \"Oxford Inspires\" Celebrating Oxfordshire magazine for “Poetry and Pictures”
Published poet, with a book of fairy tales in verse, \"Telling It Like It Is\", and a contributor to many anthologies both UK and Internationally. My work is increasingly taught in schools across the south of England.
Poem_Picture Artist of the Year 2006
Prize winner, landscape art competition, \"Outside In,\" Nuffield NHS Trust and OVADA
Retired director of “The Oxford School of Psychotherapy and Counselling”
Retired Director of
Contributor to the 75th Anniversary Sylvia Plath Oxford Symposium, and the first edition of the American based on-line Plath journal

I have taught counselling and psychology at the London School of Economics, Oxford University, Westminster Pastoral Foundation, The Oxford Centre for Human Relations and many other colleges.

I created \"Poetry and Pictures International\" and \"Poetry and Pictures England\" hosted on Flickr.
In 2012 I started the poetry and pictures at the museum at the Ashmolean in Oxford which continues today
In 2018 I won a prize for photo-walk photography for the Royal Photographic Society.
My work was also showcased in a major Paris exhibition by Huawei New Image Photography.
I teach courses in Mindfulness through
I live in West Oxfordshire with my wife and dog.

Personal and Historic Background
I was born in Bromsgrove U.K. in 1950. I was identified at Malvern College as the most creative history student of my generation, with a particular interest in the history of Art. I was also the A level prize winner in English Literature in a group that included Jeremy Paxman, but I chose Psychology and Philosophy at University, coming out with first class honours in my special subject, the Philosophy of Mind. I then qualified as a Drama Teacher, specialising in drama as a therapeutic tool.
After five post graduate years teaching and studying I became one of the first professionally qualified counsellors in the U.K. in 1980, at Westminster Pastoral Foundation. I then combined skills in art and psychology to build a creative therapy practice, first in London and then Oxford, which culminated in my becoming Director of the Oxford School of Psychotherapy and Counselling in 1989.
I retired from full time teaching and therapy in 2000. Since then I have focused on the development of mindfulness, including my arts, play writing, poetry and photography.
I have had a play published by the Arts Council and was showcased in the Oxfordshire Millennium Magazine “Oxford Inspires”.
I am committed to participatory arts activity, working as a Mindfulness teacher, group leader, coach and educator with people of all ages, who want to lead more artistic creative fulfilled lives.
There is also a political dimension to my work. My scathing anti-war trilogy called “Falluja in Charlbury” was performed at Methodist Central Hall for “The People’s Assembly”, when protesters gathered there to oppose Blair’s criminal adventure in Iraq in 2003. I feel a deep sense of compassion for human suffering.
My book of twenty first century Fairy Tales, written in verse, “Telling It Like It Is,” explores with infectious humour how children of today still live out the patterns of classical folk story. Children are often inspired to write their own stories. The poems also work well for emotionally disturbed adolescents, or visiting foreign students learning English.
I am also passionate about the Oxfordshire Wychwood landscape, a main focus of my poems and photography. I take groups on mindfulness walks in the countryside helping create beautiful poetry and pictures.
Over the last three years I have helped over 600 people become involved in this “poem-picture” arts genre.

City: Leamington Spa
Job Role: Freelance Arts Facilitator & Producer
Art Forms: Music, Other
I\'m a freelance facilitator and producer in the West Midlands, interested in arts participation & nature connection for wellbeing.
City: Coventry
Art Forms: Photography
3rd-year student photographer with Falmouth University. Current practice focuses on creating projects that promote discussions and awareness around emotional and mental health topics.
City: london
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Photography, Writing
nicolette clara iles is a photographic artist living with chronic illnesses
City: London
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Other, Photography, Writing
A writer and interdisciplinary researcher working across the field of social anthropology, performance, and photography.
City: Grays
Job Role: Artistic Director
Company: CoDa Dance Company
Art Forms: Dance, Music
Specialising in dance and neurology, CoDa makes performances on the lived experiences of Neurodisabled people uriling participatory methods of engagement in dance and technology.
City: Berlin
Job Role: Writer
Company: self employed
Art Forms: Writing
I am a writer with a special interest in therapeutic writing and storytelling. I am searching for exchange with others about using writing for wellbeing and health.
City: London
Job Role: Peer Support Coach & Freelance Photographer
Company: Mind in Haringey
Art Forms: Photography
I noted that from a young age I found visual representation to be alluring. I believe that i can better understand new concepts that can be described visually with ease.

My passion for Photography was amplified by working for over a decade in the visual department for John Lewis\' flagship store in Oxford Street.
My current position with Mind in Haringey is as a Peer Support Coach that provides emotional support for those that self-refer or have been referred by their doctor. In addition to this I work as a Freelance Photography with particular focus on portraits of people and food - two very essential elements of life.

City: Hamburg
Art Forms: Dance, Filmmaking, Multidisciplinary, Music, Painting, Sculpture
Nirmala Salom is a Hamburg based singer/songwriter and conceptual artist, who lives with a mental health disability and whose main focus is on reducing individual, social and structural barriers for people who have experienced trauma in their lives and are struggling with their mental health. Ranging from music, performance, video, and sculpture to conceptual inquiries, her artistic practice explores the ‘becoming of language’ in preverbal expression, and also touches on the \'personal as the political\' in feminist and performative theory, as well as disability rights and the politics of care. She is currently researching for her project \'The Compassion Initiative\' and preparing to record her album, \'The basement of ward 7.\'
City: London
Job Role: Theatre & Film Designer and Visual Artist
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Other, Painting

Noemi is a Set and Costume Designer for Film and Theatre and a Visual Artist based in London, working internationally.

City: london
Job Role: lecturer Museum Studies
Company: University of Leicester

I am a social geographer and museum studies scholar and my research interests draw together human geography, museums and heritage studies, the medical humanities.

My research focuses on museum work and care, as ethics and practice. Within this I have a particular interest in the role of museums as spaces of social care and in understanding the \'social work\' of culture professionals. A related aspect of this work explores the links between cultural and museum participation and health, well-being and recovery.