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City: London
Job Role: Movement based Expressive Arts Facilitator
Company: Dwelling the Body
Art Forms: Dance, Multidisciplinary
Energetic and highly qualified professional with broad and integrated experience in interdisciplinary and educational fields. I have achieved results that can confirm a proven success in conducting educational sessions using somatics and art to encourage and develop creativity and second language learning. I am able to prepare learning materials, write publications and academic essays. I am skilled in giving suggestions and organizing activities to motivate and educate, improving students to feel confident in their bodies, abilities and talents, with a particular focus on inclusiveness.
City: London
Job Role: contemporary dancer and choreographer
Art Forms: Dance, Filmmaking, Multidisciplinary, Other, Photography, Writing
I am a Danish dancer and choreographer who recently graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London.
City: London
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Other, Sculpture, Writing




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I co-direct an oral history co-op called On the Record. Our projects have seen us bringing the rich social, personal and political history of London to life. We have gathered memories from places as diverse as Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, community projects like Centerprise (Hackney) and the First Neighbourhood Co-operative Nursery (Walthamstow), two historic London hospitals and Brompton Cemetery. We have recorded orators and hecklers, community activists and literacy students, specialist medical staff and patients, parents and childcare workers, gravediggers and beekeepers. We work in partnership with leading archives such as Bishopsgate Institute. We share the stories we gather through creative, high quality productions: podcasts, artworks, books, exhibitions, websites and audio walks. 


As well as running our own projects, we provide consultancy and training to ensure the success of many more, including Tape Letters, for sound art organisation Modus Arts, Becoming Fathers: Reproductive Journeys in Malawi, run by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Amsterdam, The Wornington Word: A People’s History of the Wornington Green Estate W10 for Renegade Theatre, Arming All Sides: the Arms Trade in the First World War for Campaign Against Arms Trade and numerous projects for the Royal Parks.


City: Melksham
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Painting
Laura creates vivid art fused by energy, purity and balance. Her work is built from optical layers in response to light, colour and water.

Each painting is a journey of intuitive mark making inspired by her visual experiences, memory and imagination.

Based in Wiltshire, making regular breaks to the South of Cornwall, soaking up inspiration to take back to my studio.

City: London
Art Forms: Writing
A creative facilitator passionate about boosting wellbeing and social inclusion through the arts.
City: London
Company: PlayWell
Clown and Facilitator
City: London
Job Role: Community Assessor
Art Forms: Other
By day I work for the Met and the rest of the time I make string art cards and wall art, write flash fiction and poetry.

I\'ve run classes for children and adults and am about to embark upon my second community project. Without exception, everyone who takes part in the classes find them: \'therapeutic\', \'meditative\' and \'relaxing\'.  Participants are able to forget about what\'s going on in their lives outside the class and focus on one thing.

City: Folkestone Kent
Job Role: Spoken word poet, workshop facilitator, speaker
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Writing

I am a spoken word poet, activist, workshop facilitator and speaker. My award-winning poetry films have been screened at Feminist, Lesbian and Poetry Film Festivals internationally.

As a workshop facilitator, my approach is rooted in my writing and performance practice, a background in psychology, forty six years’ practice and teaching of peer-counselling and my teenage experience of the mental health system. My workshops fuse individual and group expressive writing activities and listening exercises, demonstrating their power as tools for self-reflection and expression.

I lead workshops for organisations including Drayton Park Mental Health Crisis House for Women; the Anne Frank Trust; the Minster Centre for psychotherapy and counselling training; and Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology. Before Covid, I was leading expressive writing workshops across the prison estate nationally.

In 2012 I undertook a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship, visiting women\'s prisons across the United States with dance and theatre companies and in 2013 I received a Royal Society for Public Health Special Commendation Award for my contribution to Creative Arts and the Criminal Justice System.

I have an MA in ‘Creative Writing & Personal Development’ from Sussex University and I am an International Fellow of the England Centre for Practice development at Canterbury Christ Church University and an Associate at the Sidney De Haan Research Centre.

City: London
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary
Lina Avramidou is an artist and educator leaving and working in London.
City: London
Job Role: Arts and Health facilitator/Coach/Medical Educator/Clinician
Company: NHS,HEE,LLA,Faculty of Medical Coaches,Birkbeck
Art Forms: Dance, Fabric / Textiles, Graphics, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Music, Other, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Writing

I am an educator who engages in a range of arts and facilitates workshops for healthcare professionals using arts and medical humanities for reflective practice and wellbeing.I have been  a coach since 2008 ( coaching doctors, dentists ,nurses and other NHS workers)  and incorporate  a coaching approach.

I have been a part time  inner city GP since 1996 and through my work encourage other healthcare practitioners to appreciate the value of the arts for our patients .

City: London
Job Role: Movement Director / Dance Artist / Community Facilitator
Company: Freelance / Bittersuite / Frantic Assembly
Art Forms: Dance, Filmmaking, Multidisciplinary, Music
Linzy Na Nakorn is a freelance movement director, dance artist and facilitator who works collaboratively and cross modally to create performance, participation and projects that centre around community, collectivity and intimacy. She is a practitioner for Frantic Assembly delivering workshops for students, professionals and community groups on devising physical & visceral theatre and a company member for immersive multi-sensory immersive performance company Bittersuite, performing and delivering workshops that explore multi-sensory theatre making.

Linzy\'s uses human centred approaches for exploring and making work that promotes empathy and advocates for the experiences of those whose identities are often marginalised within society. She uses movement, text, design and participation to create performance that aims to create visceral, thought provoking and joyful experiences for audience/participant and performer alike.

In 2019, as part of Bittersuite\'s residency at The Institute of Imagination, Linzy co-designed and delivered workshops for 1000+ young people throughout Southwark exploring sensory approaches to theatre making with an emphasis on pro-social behavioural skills and the theme of empathy.

Linzy is a collaborator with Bristol based company, Sharp Teeth Theatre,  making work that advocates for gender and disability equity, and freelance facilitates dance and yoga classes nationally and internationally.


City: Todmorden
Job Role: Freelance mentor
Company: Pool Arts
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Sculpture, Writing
I work on a freelance basis as a mentor for Pool Arts, a charity led by and for artists who face barriers to practice, primarily mental ill-health. I am also a practising artist and work a few days a week as project photographer at the John Rylands Library in Manchester as well as working on other freelance research and digital projects.
City: London
Art Forms: Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Other, Writing
I am a poet and artist living in London. I enjoy exploring through interdisciplinary work, and I really enjoy collaboration. I suffer with OCD and I sometimes tackle it in my work. I feel healthy when I am able to discuss artwork, mental illness, everything. I\'m getting much better at being unafraid to explore, share and fail in art. I am always interested in what other people are making.
City: London
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Ceramics, Fabric / Textiles, Filmmaking, Floral, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Sculpture
Loreal Prystaj (b. 1990, New York, USA) is a visual artist based in London, UK, recently graduating with an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art. Her work presently focuses on the subconscious and inherited psyche. By performing as or ‘playing’ in cultural motifs – narratively or decoratively – Prystaj transforms once familiar spaces into mise en scène that highlights the connection between the physical environment and the internal states past and present. She expresses these ideas through photography, collecting, installation, and sculptural interpretation.
City: Wrexham
Job Role: Artist educator and homemaker
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography
Educated at Glasgow School of Art, living and working in North Wales. After a long career break to bring up family I returned to education and completed an MA and PGCE but the pandemic cut short my placement and ruined my plans to work in care homes. I have had to rethink my future and have began retraining, yet again, via online courses.  My mixed media practice revolves around the painted pattern and is inspired by the gothic novella “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
City: Hertfordshire
Job Role: Artist and Teacher
Company: Self-employed
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Other, Painting, Sculpture
I am a multi-media artist and facilitator.  I have been involved in creative education for over 20 years.  In addition to my art training, I originally trained and practised as a Clinical Nutritionist within the NHS, community, research and the private sector, eventually specialising and becoming the Lead Dietitian in Barnet for Mental Health.  For the last couple of years, I was a Lecturer in Art and Design at New City College, teaching young people from diverse ethnic and low income backgrounds.  For a number of years I have also taught adults and young artists at the Art Academy in London.  Whilst there, I managed and facilitated on Creative Team Development events for private groups, businesses and charities.  I have received and managed two highly successful Arts Council grants for community development projects - at WAC arts in London and at the Langley Academy in Slough: stardust

I have facilitated a range of creative community development workshops and projects across different art forms, with all ages and multiple ethnic groups including:,,

My own artwork is immersive and experiential, aiming to bring light and colour into and through form to inspire people to achieve positive personal and societal transformation and improve health and well-being.  She aims to engage people to experience art, creativity and culture as directly related to them.  She is interested in how different art forms can mutually strengthen and support each other and open new possibilities to infuse creativity into the heart of education.  Her own artwork has been widely showcased at major public solo and group exhibitions including the Barbican and Canary Wharf.

City: Amersham
Job Role: Peer Support Worker, writer, artist, researcher
Company: Oxford Health NHS
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Painting, Writing

Lorna Collins is a Peer Support Worker with Oxford Health NHS eating disorder service, and she is Patient Representative at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Faculty of Eating Disorders, and the Quality Network for Eating Disorders. She is an active researcher in the field of Arts in Health, beginning from her PhD as a triple scholar at Jesus College, Cambridge University. During her PhD, Lorna explored how and why art helps us to make sense of ourselves, and the world. She spoke about her story and research in a TEDx Talk (‘How Creativity Revived Me’). Lorna is now a member of the steering group of the MARCH Network and the Arts Health Early Career Research Network. Lorna’s work with the NHS and the Royal College of Psychiatrists aims to improve and open access to care for people who have eating disorders. An author, she writes articles in a number of newspapers and journals, campaigning to change stigma and discrimination against mental illness.

City: Bristol
Job Role: Photographer & Yoga Teacher
Art Forms: Painting, Photography
I am a photographer and yoga teacher with an interest in self-expression and dealing with emotions through creativity and yogic practice. Very keen to learn as much as possible, particularly in the creative fields, as I am about to embark on some photographic projects exploring mental health.
City: London
Job Role: Designer
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles

Knitwear Designer

City: Redhill
Art Forms: Illustration, Painting
Hi, I am a humanitarian aid worker and artist working in conflict affected areas such as South Sudan, Iraq and Myanmar. I am interested in therapeutic art for people experiencing displacement and trauma.


City: Kinsale
Job Role: Art therapist
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles
I am an artist living in West Cork, in the final year of my Art Therapy Masters. My background is in arts and health and this is the thread that continues through my work.
City: London
Job Role: Graduate
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Illustration, Photography
I am a recent photographic graduate from Westminster university. My work focuses around personal topics such as loss and mental health, art has always been a way for coping with hardships in my life and in the world. Art is a way to express my feelings and thoughts in a creative and abstract way.

I have worked as a photographic assistant and assistant curator. I am interested in photo book publishing and gallery work. Arts & Heath Hub feels like a strong and safe community that can provide an environment for other to flourish with each other as well as providing connections and work to help me grow as an artist.

City: Norwich
Job Role: Artistic Director
Company: Hocus Pocus Theatre
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Other

Lucy Enskat is Artistic Director of Hocus Pocus Theatre, making playful and thought provoking, interactive theatre of outdoor family shows and immersive theatre events. The company’s work is regularly funded by Arts Council England on a project to project basis. With a Drama degree from the University of East Anglia, she has also trained in Clown with Complicite; Avner Eisenberg; Phillipe Gaulier; Peta Lily and Holly Stoppitt. Lucy completed an Apprenticeship at Norwich Puppet Theatre in 2016 and now is a member of the Board of Trustees there. She has been an Associate Artist of SeaChange Arts. As a freelancer she works as a Clown Doctor for Suffolk Artlink in children’s hospitals and hospices and as an artist in a variety of settings using her drama skills with people of all ages and abilities on creative projects. With a special interest in Arts and Wellbeing the company’s recent show ‘FUN CLINIC’ explored mental health and creative prescribing through a playful and interactive, immersive theatre event and the company has embedded wellbeing and meditation practice into the process of theatre making.

City: Norwich
Job Role: artist
Art Forms: Ceramics

I make small ceramic figures that gently explore our relationship with ourselves and each other. My creative practice (the making process and the psychological insights that come from it) are integral to my wellbeing. Equally valuable is the sense of shared humanity I feel when my work resonates with other people.  I am interested in connecting with and learning from others whose creative practice also explores the relationship between the arts and health.

City: Trafford
Job Role: Director
Company: String of Hearts CIC
Art Forms: Music
I am Co-Director of String of Hearts, a community interest company tackling isolation amongst over 50s through music-making in Trafford and Manchester. I am also Partnerships & Evaluation Manager at Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, working on arts & health programmes such as music and mental health a partnership with NHS trusts.
Job Role: Education Manager
Company: Wysing
Creative project manager with eight years\' experience in arts & cultural settings. Currently working as Education Manager at Wysing Arts Centre, and creating programme frameworks and evaluations for strategic projects at University of Cambridge Museums. Previously Acting Head of Learning at Watts Gallery - Artists\' Village, with experience working in Local Authority Museums and Tate, V&A and Dulwich Picture Gallery.A responsible individual with strong sense of initiative, key work achievements include: developing the learning offer at Watts Gallery - Artists\' Village; managing the HLF activity plan and contributing to museum development at Watts Studios; creating financially sustainable learning and schools offer at Maidstone Museum whilst working to ambitious engagement targets. 
City: London
Job Role: Art-based Intervention Therapy / Artist/ Art Educator
Art Forms: Ceramics, Fabric / Textiles, Filmmaking, Glass, Graphics, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography, Sculpture
I have extensive international experience in art teaching and exhibition. My Mediums broaden from 3D sculpture, drawing, photograph, video and/or sound installations. I have Foundation and I am presently accomplishing Level 6 Diploma Working with Children with BAAT.

My personal research interests draws around the themes of Diaspora, Identity, Childhood and Memories.

I have a BA (honours), MA and Doctor in Philosophy - Fine Arts.

City: London
Job Role: dancer, educator, choreographer
Art Forms: Dance, Filmmaking, Illustration, Jewellery, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Toys
I am a dancer, artistic director and choreographer, educator and movement director working through multidisciplinary arts based in London.
My professional credits include being in the original cast of The Lion King and recently performing at TATE Modern.
I work with a diversity of communities ranging from Early Years and children, Youth, Older people, women\'s groups, people with special needs, adults and performers.
My work explores untold stories, social justice and wellbeing.

City: London
Job Role: Filmmaker
Company: Freelance
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Photography
I\'m a filmmaker and multimedia producer, working with charities and non-profits to tell their stories of courage, change and creativity.