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City: Cardiff
Job Role: Choreographer, Director and Facilitator
Company: Jack Philp Dance
Art Forms: Dance
Based in the UK, Jack works as a choreographer, director and dance facilitator. His work is centred around a meeting point between dance and science, which has cemented numerous partnerships within the worlds of science and technology. He creates work with his independent collective; Jack Philp Dance and has created work on commission for numerous companies, universities, schools and community spaces. As an artist, Jack has contributed to residencies at both a national and international level and partnered with a range of academic departments from biosciences, to neurology and astrophysics, taking learning into a physical space to support wellbeing, experimentation, performance and research. The choreographic projects and workshops he has lead, have supported initiatives for mental and physical health as well as research in conversation with academics exploring emotional and cognitive behaviour.
City: Lewes
Job Role: Artist / workshop Leader
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles
I am an artist, with health challenges, working in weave, other textile techniques and collage. I run specialist adult education workshops for those with mild to moderate physical and mental health needs.
City: London
Job Role: Musical Facilitator
Company: Freelance
Art Forms: Music
Hi! I\'m James and I\'m a musical facilitator based in London using singing and creativity to enable experiences of collective musicking. My interest in healthcare settings is related to the Singing for Lung Health group that I run in Lewisham, which supports people with respiratory illnesses to manage their breathlessness through singing.
City: London
Art Forms: Writing
I am a poet based in London.
City: Bristol
Job Role: Arts Health and Wellbeing Consultant
Company: Willis Newson
Art Forms: Writing

Jane is the founder and Director of arts and health consultancy Willis Newson.

She has been a pioneer of the arts and health field since 1994, when she set up Vital Arts, the arts programme for Barts Health NHS Trust and in 2013 she won the Arts and Health South West Award for individual contributions to the arts and health sector.

A thought-leader in the sector over the past 20 years, Jane is particularly committed to supporting and improving evaluation practice. Working with Professor Norma Daykin, she has developed research programmes, training and resources to support improved evaluation within Arts & Health, including the development of

She has also run a range of professional development programmes to support those working in the sector, and is particularly interested in quality, developing artists codes of practice, peer support, reflective practice and self-care.

Jane is currently undertaking an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes including a research dissertation into the use of reflective creative writing to support creatives working on non-arts settings.

City: Brighton & Hove
Job Role: Artist-Poet; (therapeutic) Creative Arts Workshop Facilitator
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Illustration, Music, Other, Writing
I am an Artist-Poet with an M.A. in Creative Writing & Personal Development (with Merit) from Sussex University. I have a passion for encouraging creative expression, most especially for those who believe it\'s not possible for them. I have worked with children; elder folk; Kosovan refugees; those with no English language; those struggling with mental health issues and others in the community (including a life-changing workshop in the tax office!). For those who insist they can\'t write, I introduce the techniques to be had in \'treated books\'; cut-ups and erasures. There is always a creative way of accessing what needs to be expressed given the right form or tools. I enjoy making multi-media \'junk journals\' that can be used to accompany significant life-lessons.
City: Dorset
Job Role: Freelance Educator
Art Forms: Graphics, Illustration, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Writing
I’m a freelance educator based in Dorset who’s recently started making resources and art packs for those with mental health issues, and those living with dementia. My first box was distributed via food banks to families to boost their mental well-being during lockdown. It was commissioned by the Arts Development Company and founded by Arts Council England.
City: London
Job Role: Photography tutor & practitioner
Company: Open College of the Arts
Art Forms: Other, Photography
I teach photography Foundation & BA through the Open College of the Arts; I also run online study events and I mentor through Fotosynthesis and Koestler Trust. I occasionally work for SANE on the assessment panel for their arts awards scheme. Currently practising my bookbinding and box-making skills as a way of getting back to \'making\' while recovering from some serious health challenges.
City: Canterbury
Job Role: Health and Wellbeing Programme Coordinator
Company: The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Painting
I\'m an Occupational Therapist, now working in a museum as a Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, managing the museums health and wellbeing programme. History of working with galleries, museums, festivals, NHS and other organisations since leaving University.
City: London
Job Role: Artist and teacher
Company: Artbuddies
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Multidisciplinary, Painting
Artist /painter

Teach children age 5+ art

work with elderly people and paint them

training to be an art psychotherapist in sept at Goldsmith’s n


City: Edinburgh
Job Role: artist and life coach
Company: Jenny Pope Artist and Life Coach
Art Forms: Sculpture

Jenny Pope Biography  2020

Jenny Pope has a studio at WASPS in Albion Road, Edinburgh. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art, gaining a BA in Ceramics and then graduating in 2005 with an MA in Sculpture. She uses a broad range of materials to explore the inescapable changes that happen in our internal lives and also externally in the natural environment. 

She exhibits mainly in the UK and has won professional development awards. She regularly exhibits with SSA and VAS, where she is a professional member. She has recently been elected to the Royal British Society of Sculptors, in London. She has recently worked on a Creative Scotland funded residency with Art Walk Projects, and  exhibited with 2 other artists about ’Tools for Survival’. She had a solo show earlier this year at Upright Gallery, Edinburgh

She divides her time between practicing artist and mental health and wellbeing work and is currently a Life Coach.

Instagram -  jennypope_lifecoach

City: London
Job Role: Conductor
Company: Together Productions
Art Forms: Music
I’m a conductor and musical director specialising in choral music. Community music is the heart of my practice and as community chorus Director for the Royal Opera House Covent Garden and Director of Together Productions I regularly work with refugees, asylum seekers, people with mental health issues, LGBT people, disabled people  and focus on joyful music making, bringing them into projects with the general population.
City: Bristol
Job Role: Trainee Art Psychotherapist
Art Forms: Ceramics, Fabric / Textiles, Graphics, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Pottery, Writing
I am an artist-maker, potter, curator, writer, doula, mother, and trainee Art Psychotherapist.  I have worked in public health care, in the community, and in education, and have an ongoing interest in public health.
City: London
Job Role: Photographer
Art Forms: Photography
Photographer based in London.
City: London
Art Forms: Photography
City: London
Job Role: Psychotherapist / Artist / Workshop facilitator
Company: The Goldfinch Practice
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Writing
I am a Brooklyn-born, London-based artist specialising
in drawing and needlework. My art is informed by my interest in issues of
identity and internal worlds and by my work as a psychotherapist. As an
artist I have a particular interest in working collaboratively and have been
engaged with a long-term mixed media project called ‘Sour-Puss: The Opera’ with
a fellow artist. I trained as a psychotherapist as a result of my own
experience of personal crisis. I do one to one work with a wide diversity of
clients as well as facilitating therapeutic workshops.

City: Brisbane, Australia
Job Role: Arts in Health Program Coordinator
Company: St Vincent's Private Hospital
Our Arts Program is designed to provide a diversion from day-to-day hospital life.
Our Arts Program aligns with our Hospital’s mission and values. The program provides people with encounters that enhance hospital stay and supports spiritual, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. These encounters seek to motivate, inspire, orientate and provide diversion, capitalising on the unique capacity of the arts to deeply impact the human experience.

City: Manchester
Job Role: Music-for-health practitioner
Art Forms: Music
Jess is a Manchester based clarinettist and saxophonist dividing her time with performing, music for health and wellbeing, workshops and teaching. She is passionate about giving music to any who needs it! She is a musician with LIME: music for health at Royal Manchester Children\'s Hospital and also at Alder Hey Children\'s Hospital, Liverpool through Live Music Now.
City: London
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Other, Painting, Writing

In my interdisciplinary practice, I draw on personal life experience to explore broader issues around the body, what it means to be human, and how to make meaning in today’s world. I\'m currently making a collaborative art book about my medical experience with the breast cancer gene mutation (BRCA1). My practice includes creative writing, mixed-media, printmaking, working with archive and medical imagery, and collaborative projects. I received a Masters in Art and Science in 2018. I\'m eager to be part of a larger art community engaging medicine through art.

City: London
Job Role: Photographer/Picture Editor
Art Forms: Illustration, Photography, Writing
I am primarily a portrait photographer who has worked in different areas of the photography industry such as Fashion, editorial portraiture, reportage, still life, events, property... you get it! I\'ve explored a lot of areas within the practice but I always come back to storytelling through photographing people. Most recently my projects have been focused on exploring complex issues such as mental health, race and stereotypes.
City: Teesdale
Job Role: freelance artist
Company: Lens Think
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Photography

Joanne Coates is a working class documentary storyteller who uses the medium of photography. Based in the North of England. She is interested in modes of production, rurality, working life and class inequality. Born in the rural North of England, educated first in working class communities, then at The Sir John Cass School of Fine art (Fda Fine Art) and The London College of Communication (Ba Photography). Her practice is as much about process, participation and working with communities. Coates’ key themes are Northern culture in rural places and working class life.

Coates is currently l Artist in Residence at Berwick Visual Arts and the Director of the Arts organisation Lens Think, to meet, share, grow ideas, & develop photography in the North of England. With the aims of fighting for class equality and a more creative industries through participation and radical community arts

City: Harlow
Job Role: Museum Freelancer
I am a Museum Freelancer based in Essex specialising in learning, access (especially autism), and inclusion. I have a growing interest in health and wellbeing practice in heritage settings.
City: Liverpool
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Dance, Photography, Writing
 I am an artist who mainly works with photography, video, performance and dance.
I completed my first self-portraiture project in 2010 and have been primarily using myself within my personal work since. The themes that I often explore are hiding & revealing, body image, self-esteem, self-confidence and anxiety.
My practice is very therapeutic for me and through it I am learning to accept myself and my body, whilst also building my confidence. It also helps me to process my thoughts and feelings, as well as document my life.

City: London
Job Role: Trustee and Artistic Director
Company: Liquid Vibrations
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Music, Other
Liquid Vibrations is a charity I co-founded in 2017 with Adele Drake who founded Drake Music.

We provide Musical Hydrotherapy session, our own development, to children with special needs. Musical Hydrotherapy consists of the recipients supported floating on the water surface whilst listening to music and sounds under the water surface.

We provide sessions and also training to staff at special needs school to help them integrate Musical Hydrotherapy into their curriculum and adoopt the technique. This has shown to greatly improve the well-being of the students in the pool and throughout the day, improving their concentration, relaxation, movement and ability to stay still amongst other things.

We also provide a curated playlist of music for schools to play at the sessions and have developed a musical composition module with The Orpheus Centre which enables disabled musicians to create music for underwater listening.



City: Lincoln
Job Role: dramatherapist
Company: Converse Theatre and Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Other

John Bowtell is a theatre director and dramatherapist specialising in developmental transformations (DvT) working in arts and health, therapy and training. Over twenty years his work has encompassed both NHS and independent arts sectors with a wide variety of client populations and settings. He is Training Coordinator for DvT UK training practitioners in this country and abroad. Developmental Transformations (DvT) was originally developed by David Read Johnson at the Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven and is now practiced all over the world in therapeutic, recreational and performance contexts.  John is Artistic Director of Converse Theatre based in Lincoln and convenes the Theatre/Arts in Health subcommittee of The British Association of Dramatherapists as part of the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA).

City: Dublin
Job Role: Visual Artist
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Graphics, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Sculpture
John is a visual artist working extensively in community and health settings. He uses a multi-disciplinary approach to produce art-work responding to environments and participants\' lived experiences. His work is often informed by socially engaged research with target communities – particularly having discussions over tea - and it occurs through sophisticated collaborative and solo work, as well as curation and the commissioning of other specialists.
City: London
Job Role: Artist, Scenographer, Facilitator and Coach/Hypnotherapist (
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Fabric / Textiles, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Sculpture

I am a London based artist, theatre designer, arts facilitator and creative coach.

I completed an MA in Scenography at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London in 2003.

My personal work examines individual and group status, and explores the oscillating tension between human connection and disconnection. I combine my art with a knowledge of costume design and the work, which is mostly 3D, is often fabric or thread based.

I have worked in the arts sector, designing, teaching and coaching for theatre and dance companies across the UK for over 20 years.

I\'ve been a hypnotherapist and coach since 2009. I am the instigator of a new project; The Cool Moss Project - A collection of artists and wellbeing experts working together to develop, explore and facilitate flow through creativity.


I have recently co-contributed a chapter to the Routledge Book \'The Maternal in Creative Work\', edited by Marchevska and Walkerdine.

City: Dallas
Job Role: Anthropologist
Company: Southern Methodist University
Art Forms: Writing
I am a medical anthropologist studying how racism impacts health and interested in how art can intersect with ethnography.
City: London
Job Role: Performer
Company: Moving Pieces
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary

Moving Pieces is a unique arts in health theatre company based in London. We combine performing arts with the containment of psycho-therapeutic practices and emergent ideas relating to neuroscience.

We provide courses for people experiencing mental health challenges; performers actively looking to devise theatre performance based on personal experiences; mental health professionals and those interested in drama therapy, physical theatre, applied theatre and art therapy.

We regularly perform at fringe festivals, community hubs and small theatres around the country. We are also interested in collaborating with other physical theatre companies, artists, applied theatre practitioners and educators who are also interested in the process of creating original theatre performance based on personal narrative.

City: Birmingham
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Painting
My main work may be described as something of an expressionist revival, using myself and my own past memories, trauma and identity as subject content.
City: London
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Dance, Multidisciplinary, Sculpture
Kai-Oi Joyce Yung’s video narratives and multi-sensory interventions expulse conflict sites, merging live performance, to large scale installations incorporating sculpture to drawing and architecture, animations interwoven with dark humour and play. She is particularly interested in sites of blockage within the body and works with a global,  socially engaged practice with individuals to local communities to promote well being and creativity in others. She has collaborated with marine biologists to psychotherapists.
City: Edinburgh
Job Role: Programme Support and Communications
Company: Artlink Edinburgh & the Lothians
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Ceramics, Dance, Fabric / Textiles, Filmmaking, Floral, Glass, Graphics, Illustration, Jewellery, Metal, Multidisciplinary, Music, Other, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Toys, Wood, Writing

Artlink was established in 1984 to support and promote the involvement of disabled people in the arts. Our aim is to increase opportunities to take part in the arts for those who experience disadvantage or disability in the East of Scotland. We offer practical support so people can get involved and work with venues to increase opportunities to enjoy the arts. Artlink establishes partnerships with artists, venues and organisations to help encourage positive change.


City: South West London
Job Role: Creative Practitioner, Art Therapist, Researcher
Company: Collective Arts
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Other, Painting, Sculpture

Trained at the University of Toronto, Concordia University and Goldsmiths University of London, Julia is an HCPC registered Art Therapist, Creative Practitioner and Founder of Collective Arts. An interest in the links between positive psychology and visual art led Julia to complete an MSc (with distinction) in positive psychology (MAPP). She has since published and presented her arts for wellbeing research at national and international conferences. In 2021 she will contribute a chapter to the upcoming Jessica Knightly textbook Art Therapy: innovative practice and new perspectives exploring the evolving relationship between art therapy and arts in health.


Over the years, Julia has designed and delivered hundreds of arts for wellbeing workshops for client groups including, women with breast cancer, perinatal wellbeing, school children, young people, adult and young carers, families, the elderly and individuals with moderate to severe mental health challenges, disabilities and special education needs. Both positive psychology and a deep understanding of the multi-layered language of visual imagery play a central role in all of her project designs.


Julia\'s other activities include creative wellbeing and communication workshops for private and public sector teams, large-scale community engagement projects (The Community Portrait, currently archived at the Museum of London, involved over 2,000 participants), experimental and pop-up art exhibitions and curatorial activities. Julia\'s most recent initiative #WhenWePaused is a virtual exhibition exploring where we find meaning and solace as the global coronavirus pandemic unfolds.

City: Durham
Job Role: Creative practitioner
Art Forms: Ceramics, Fabric / Textiles, Floral, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Photography, Writing
I am a creative practitioner based in the North East delivering creative Wellbeing workshops online
City: County Durham
Job Role: Creative Practitioner
Company: Space to Grow
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Ceramics, Fabric / Textiles, Floral, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Writing
I am a Creative Practitioner based in County Durham, delivering online creative wellbeing workshops to members of the community and students/staff at Teesside University.  I have over a decade of experience working in Community Mental HEalth support and arts based interventions.
City: London
Job Role: Independent Dance Artist
Company: AcroYoga Collective
Art Forms: Dance, Other
I am an Independent Dance Artist and Yoga Teacher, based in London, and originally from Denmark.

My work spans across performance, choreography, research, dramaturgy and teaching within contemporary dance, dance theatre, aerial circus and physical theatre. As a Yoga Teacher I facilitate practices all over London and beyond in Hatha, Vinyasa, Pre+Postnatal Yoga for community groups, studios, venues, corporate and private clients.

I am the Co-Founder of AcroYoga Collective (est. 2020) and Inter Pares Project (est. 2013), and currently on Equity Dance Committee (term 2019-2021), and a Mentor for Arts Emergency.

My training and education includes 1st Class BA Dance & Culture (University of Surrey), 1st Class Nordic MA in Dance Studies (NTNU), InFlight Aerial Circus Diploma (UpSwing/Scarabeus), as well as multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings in India (Ojashvi, Vinyasa Yoga School).

City: Leatherhead
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Glass, Metal, Multidisciplinary
I am an artist working mainly on themes of health, illness and visualising disease .  I am fascinated by the implications of medical imaging and what it means to recognise your body from the inside out. This leads me to explore how people imagine their bodies internally, often at the microscopic level, and how that influences a sense of embodiment and identity.

My work also engages with the visual culture of wellness and illness, injury and disease.  I have researched the representation of cancer cells in the public domain, and continue to explore how that impacts our understanding of the disease as part of my artwork, but am currently also investigating other, more neglected conditions that nonetheless have a huge impact on people\'s understanding of their health.

I make primarily sculptural objects, and believe that people engage with physical objects in a completely different way to images, whether analogue or digital, a position borne out by recent neuroscience findings, so I aim to use three-dimensional work to facilitate new and interesting ideas and conversations.



City: London
Job Role: artist
Company: JunevsJuly Ltd
Art Forms: Sculpture
I am an installation artist and it is difficult to describe myself as I have many selves. I suffer from dissociation and C-PTSD that sometimes shows as multiple personality disorder. Art is a way of relating to the world, communicating with others and it is my own map that allows me to navigate back to myself in the times of crisis
City: Manchester
Job Role: Theatre director
Company: Whatsthesketch
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Writing
I’m a theatre director and acting lecturer. I enjoy collaborative projects with multi dimensional art forms.