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City: Newport
Job Role: Producer
Company: Independent
Art Forms: Dance, Filmmaking, Multidisciplinary, Other, Writing
Currently residing on the edge of the South Wales in the shadow of a transporter bridge, embarking on adventures with artists & writers.

​WLTM people who want to: play, challenge institutional power, ask questions & effect change.

I am consistently rummaging in other fields of thought & hunting for the alternative to translate, repackage & enhance existing models.

I specialise in Producing, Strategic Development & Fundraising in the creative & cultural industries in UK & Asia. Founder of #HipHopDanceAlmanac.

City: Stoke-on-Trent
Job Role: artist
Company: Wellbeing Crafts
Art Forms: Ceramics, Fabric / Textiles, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture

I mainly work in clay and felt. I guess that one of reasons is the comforting feeling that these materials provide as well as their suitability for creating intuitive expressive artwork. I have a lived experience of mental illness in fact I am still in my recovery journey and artmaking is a very important part of it. While not being able to work for last four years due to my poor mental health I completed degree in psychology. It started as a search for better understanding of my own mental health. During my studies I developed interest in what emotional effect different art mediums can have on the maker and how this knowledge is and can be used to enhance and maintain human well-being.

City: Florida
Job Role: Glass museum st petersburg
Company: imagine museum
Art Forms: Glass



Holistic exploration of contemporary Glass museum st petersburg of art - from the 1960s to the present. We present the exceptional works of the American studio \"Glass Movement\" and an extraordinary selection of modern glass sculptures from all over the world.


City: London
Job Role: Self-employed artist
Company: Out Of Order
Art Forms: Dance, Multidisciplinary, Other

Iman Luna is an actor, dancer and aerialist specialised in straps, and a graduate of the NCCA. Their background comprises a diploma from the International Contemporary Dance Program run by Nuova Officina della Danza in Turin, a trajectory in diverse theatre companies since they were 15 years old, and an extensive experience in performance and artistic collaborations both in the UK and abroad, having worked with prestigious companies and practitioners such Complicité Theatre, Upswing, Certain Blacks, öff öff aerial dance, Ben Duke, Keren Rosenberg, Ted Stoffer, Rosamond Martin, and others.


They are particularly keen in finding ways to combine dance, theatre and circus, claiming that borders between art forms are to be blurred and understood as elements of the same language. They are passionate about topics like identity, gender, human behaviour, equality and the environment.


Iman also co-directs Out Of Order, a contemporary circus collective that blends aerial acrobatics, dance and physical theatre to create daring, touching and innovative performances.


Declaring the world and its rules to be out of order, their work aims to venture rather than master, to nurture circus rather than perform it, to push boundaries rather than comply with them. They ally with audiences to challenge societal and performative narratives; they investigate, analyse, break apart and put the pieces of the puzzle back together - collectively provoking our minds and hearts to question stereotypes, the reality we live in and our identities.


City: Knebworth
Job Role: Trainee healthcare practitioner
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Photography, Writing
Hi I’m Imojinn and I use poetry and drawing as my own form of mental health pharmacy.  I use creative outlets to help offset my agoraphobia and in the past have taught online lessons in creative writing targeting similar individuals to myself, who struggle on a daily basis with mental health - I aptly called this business ‘May Contain Nuts.’  I look forward to connecting with like minded individuals who see the Arts as an alternative platform for health and wellbeing.  Who knows maybe we can start our own well-being renaissance and take over the world mwahahaha (cue thunderstorms and ominous tones).

To be continued...

City: London
Job Role: Choreographer
Company: Self-employed
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Dance, Multidisciplinary

Iris Athanasiadi is an architect, choreographer and interdisciplinary performer based in London. Since 2015 she has been exploring the common threads between Architecture and Choreography and the ways we can enhance our sensory awareness multi-sensory performative experiences. As a choreographer, she has developed a unique approach to mindfulness through movement. Her aim is to support people in rediscovering their body/ mind relationship and reconnecting with their environment in an active and meaningful way.

City: London
Job Role: Senior Programme Manager
Company: ACAVA
Art Forms: Ceramics
I am Senior Programme Manager at ACAVA. I lead, primarily, on our arts in health offer, building on ACAVA\'s 30+ years working in the field. We run a range of artist led programmes, offering communities life long access to creative space, skills and resources, in partnership with NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, Mental Health Trusts and Hospitals, Schools, Higher Education Institutions, Local Authorities and the community and voluntary sector.

My training is as a ceramicist and I endeavour, not entirely successfully, to maintain my practice. I also studied Community and Participatory Arts at Goldsmiths, graduating in 2013 with a Post-Graduate Diploma.