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City: Bs
Job Role: md
City: london
Job Role: Artist
Company: N?
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Painting
My art focuses on sketching, painting, sculpture, installation and collaborative art. My work is influenced by Paul Klee, Dali, Hundertwasser, aboriginal art, the community art movement, architecture and sustainability. I am also profoundly inspired by Marina Nunez Del Prado (Bolivian Artist).Line and space are my main subjects. The use of handmade materials, handmade paper, acrylic, ink and bamboo sticks, make my works akin to poetry-with the aim to create a typical work- in order to create a new form, meaning or shape.Curiosity has motivated me to discover new places and new people.I believe collaborative art and interaction with humans is one of the purposes for all the arts.I have done various types of works in order to gain the knowledge and skills that are required to work in an art related role. I have run workshops, exhibitions amongst other activities that have enriched my life and I am ready to share my experience with others in a team, as well as learn from others, in a collaborative manner.I am currently working with Sketch London and Drawing London on the editorial of two books about London.I am actively performing with Floatingartland across London and outside the
City: London
City: London
Art Forms: Photography
I have recently graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA Photography degree. I am interested in how Photography as a medium can be used alongside mental health treatment.
City: Norwich
Job Role: Artist/Photographer/Community Artist
Company: Anita Staff
Art Forms: Filmmaking, Graphics, Illustration, Painting, Photography

I currently wear a few hats! I am an independent artist/Photographer practitioner and trained community artist. I also work PT for a small charity.  I lead arts projects to bring about positive social change and as Media Officer I am responsible for their external communications: Website, design, branding & print, social media, film and photography. I work with groups and organisations, often working with people that are engaging with support.  These can be anything from a theatre to an mental health organization.  Alongside this I run a specialist photography practice working within arts, education and third sector organisations, documenting projects and support services as well as assisting agencies with curation, reporting and outcomes through visual means.

In 2011 I trained with to become a project manager for participation based groups.    In 2012 I won The ‘Education and Community Award\' at the Norfolk Arts Award, for my “work with disadvantaged and hard to reach members of the community, using photography and film to help them break down stigmas”.  I was also nominated for  ‘The People’s Choice Award’ (the only independent, non-funded nomine

City: Bangor
Job Role: Illustrator
Company: Freelance
Art Forms: Graphics, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Painting

Multidisciplinary artist and designer, with an ability to create experimental, process-led work. Ffion works across the mediums of paint, photography, collage and video, creating thematic work driven by my interests in gender, family, relationships, organic material. Ffion takes an investigational, playful approach to projects, becoming obsessed with my subject matter and aiming to describe it thoughtfully and justly.


Ffion graduated from the University of Brighton in 2017 with first class honours in Illustration. Following this, she completed a marketing internship with international photography equipment company ‘’, before moving back to North Wales to pursue a career as a freelance fine artist and illustrator. Much of Ffion’s practice has involved a community-engaged focus, as well as working in arts education and commercial design. Clients include Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Yr Lolfa, CARN, Galeri Caernarfon and Cwmni’r Fran Wen. Ffion has exhibited across the UK varying from established venues such as The Institute of Education and the Bargehouse Centre, to independent, artist-led spaces such and local cafes. In addition, she have an introductory certificate in Art Therapy and training as a Dementia Friend and in Dementia-Friendly Arts Practice., and is interested in how art can be facilitated in wider society. 

Ffion also co-runs a creative partnership with artist Esme Livingston, named ‘Digitalis Designs’. In addition, last year, the two co-founded a community arts festival named Gwyl y Ferch, which aims to celebrate the creative talents of local women in partnership with Women’s Aid.


City: WIck
Company: Blissy Silk Pillowcase
Blissy Silk Pillowcase We additionally ship them home with our patron panel for real life snooze-checking out.
City: London
Job Role: Freelance Artist/Activity Co-ordinator
Company: Self Employed/3A Care
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Sculpture
My personal art practice focuses on natural forms in nature, primarily wild plants and birds. I live near a nature reserve which I regularly walk in which gives me a variety of flora and fauna for artwork. I\'ve always seen the benefits of being present in an outdoor green space. It focuses my mind and takes me out of the pressures of daily life.
My clients are the elderly in a hospital ward and a residential care home. I see bringing the green spaces to them highly important and I do this in various ways, be it making collages of garden/allotment spaces, drawing and painting flowers and incorporating a sense of well-being through contact with nature in conversations and memory sessions. These sessions also cover other subjects that are important to the person, taking their minds away from the hospital bedside or residential space in order to improve their quality of life through the arts, thus giving them ownership of what they embark on creatively, a sense of engagement with the materials and hopefully a feeling of well-being . I have been working in this role for the last seven years.

City: London
Job Role: Project Coordinator - Learning and Participation (Music)
Company: Trinity Laban Conservatoire
Art Forms: Music
Project Coordinator for a learning and participation music team based in London. Passionate about the arts and health sector.
City: London
Job Role: artist running art workshops with patients in hospitals
Art Forms: Graphics, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Other, Painting, Sculpture
I have ran art workshops in hospitals for over 10 years now
City: Kent
Job Role: Writer and marketer
Company: And So She Thinks
Art Forms: Writing

I am a writer interested in how words and creativity can help us personally, socially, and at both a macro and micro level.

I run workshops and events centred around literature and community.

I’ve been working in marketing for over twelve years, and have been a full time freelance communications consultant for the last two. My skillset and experience are varied - covering copywriting, journalism, marketing, research and PR - but always centred around communication and creating a connection. Ultimately, I work with  messages - and creating the right messages to resonate with an audience.

I am Outreach Officer for Lapidus International, the words for wellbeing organisation, and co-programmer of Margate Bookie,  a charity that brings people together through books, promoting a love of literature.

City: London
Job Role: Events exhibitions coordinator / artist
Company: Royal College of Nursing Library Archive
Art Forms: Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Painting
Day job in public engagement and exhibitions at the Royal College of Nursing, coordinating programmes which explore the history of nursing and health care and our relationships with our health. Artist, with a passion for drawing as a tool and exploration of how it can help us understand the world around us.
City: London
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary
I am a multidisciplinary artist and the purpose of my research is to playfully reveal the question of aesthetics and domination. In my work I directly expose contradictions, differences and singularities through the use of the body as an archive. My way of investigating this theme is through history, memory and the repetition of existence. I use mundane objects and motifs to ignite a praxis of post-identity and the de-colonial naut. This is specifically evident in the video performances. I view my work as an instrument to activate and highlight the socio-political imbalance and self care with singularity.