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City: Brighton
Job Role: Photography Facilitator
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Filmmaking, Music, Photography, Wood, Writing
Age 17, Blomfield volunteered teaching B&W Photography. Since then his passion for Photography and passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm has continuously grown. After completing 5 years of study he worked for a number of Photographers before starting his own freelance practice in 2002.
Photography took him on many different journeys and windows into other worlds and cultures. In 2005 he moved to Nagano and lived in the Japanese Alps for 7 years. Returning to the UK he continued teaching in local schools and adventure centres.
A constant creator, let his enthusiasm feed and grow your passion for Photography.

City: London
Job Role: CEO
Company: SafetyNet Technologies
Art Forms: Architecture / Design
I\'m a Kentish Town resident and a product designer by training. I also enjoy printmaking, wood turning and drawing as hobbies.
City: London
Job Role: Photographic Artist / Artistic Director
Company: Freelance / Free Space Project
Art Forms: Photography
I’m an artist specialising in complex and difficult emotional experiences, focusing on the transformational impact of arts on mental health, building on my own lived experience. My work focuses on themes of wellbeing and brokers dialogue around often taboo topics. I shoot commissions, consult on wellbeing projects (including clinical humanities modules with medical students) and run Free Space Project, an arts and wellbeing charity. I regularly exhibit, speak at events and facilitate socially engaged arts projects across fine art, educational and clinical institutions in the UK and worldwide.

I run the Arts & Health Hub.

I sit on the board of trustees for the charity London Arts in Health Forum. I interview artists over at, a website devoted to the exploration of mental health within photography.

City: London
City: London
Job Role: Choreographer
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Dance

City: Walney Island
Job Role: artist, researcher, ecopedagogue
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Multidisciplinary, Other, Sculpture, Writing
As an independent artist, researcher and ecopedagogue I work with people, their communities and their ecosystems to engage with climate and species crises through storying across art forms and disciplines. Much of my work, recently has focused on \'critical recovery\' from acute and chronic disasters.
City: London
Job Role: Art Therapy & Education
Company: Employee at British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)
Art Forms: Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Other, Painting
My name is Davy Yong (1988), besides being an artist / narrative painter, I mainly work in the field of art therapy and art education. I was born in Zierikzee, a monument city of the Netherlands but am just as proud of my Malay-Chinese roots and have spent a great deal of my childhood living in Kuala Lumpur. Many years later, I studied Fine Art & Design in Education (BA) in my favourite city Rotterdam, NL and Art Psychotherapy (MA) in London, UK. I am based in both Rotterdam as well as London, where I work for the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).
With my art, I tend to incorporate motifs of Gothic Romanticism. A genre where the emphasis is placed on intense emotions as an authentic source of aesthetic experiences as well as things beyond reason. Freudian notions of unconscious processes including the uncanny and the sublime. The A&H Hub was brought to my attention through friends during an exhibition and I look forward to staying connected with other like-minded individuals.

City: Lowestoft
Job Role: Artist
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary, Photography, Sculpture, Writing
I am a conceptual artist and I have CPTSD and all the wonderful things that go with it such as dissociation, acute anxiety and depression etc... etc... I use art, photography and the written and spoken word to promote a better understanding of mental health to the wider public.
City: London
Job Role: Creative Trainer, Founder and Storyteller
Company: Cloth of Dreams
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Multidisciplinary, Other, Writing
Creative Trainer and Founder of the Cloth of Dreams, intergenerational community storytelling projects, weaving together threads of people’s stories, hopes and dreams, culminating in an inspiring art legacies.

Founder of Storytelling Clubs where participants are trained in the art of storytelling and public speaking in a seven year apprencticeship.

Single workshops for community groups based on people\'s lives and their stories.

Storytelling sessions in care homes and hospitals.

Mentoring for individuals or community groups.

City: Winchester
Job Role: Arts Educator
Company: Core Art Journaling
Art Forms: Multidisciplinary

Deborah Porter - Core Art Journaling

My Art Journaling is to offer and show a safe space for people to create a visual language with themselves and to help process their thoughts and feelings.

I am an arts educator, I run workshops for NHS CAMHS, young carers and students where I facilitate and guide how to use Art Journaling as a creative Wellbeing tool. I work with up cycled old books and materials, mixed media and mindful mark making offering process art and connection.

I have worked with:

Solent Mind



Arts work

Hampshire Cultural Trust

Winchester Young Carers

Victoria’s Promise Breast Cancer Charity

Winchester Discovery Centre

The Corn Exchange, Newbury

The Base, Greenham Common, Berkshire

I want to be able to connect, share ideas and collaborate with other artists who are working in this field to highlight, create and help others using creativity for arts, health and wellbeing.

City: St. Davids
Job Role: Creative practitioner/director
Company: Henry Hedgepodge Academy of Art
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Graphics, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

Deborah Withey, a transmedia journalist, designer, illustrator and lecturer, worked as a design director for large metro newspapers in the States. She led the print/digital design, art and photojournalism teams to create meaningful and visually engaging content for readers. In 2012, still mid-career, Debs received the International Society of News Design’s (SND) highest honour, the Lifetime Achievement Award for excellence in her craft and as a leader in visual journalism education.

The honour gave Debs the license and courage to leave a career she loved to pursue another love, engaging with individuals with learning, physical and emotional difficulties.

I began Henry Hedgepodge Academy of ART to fill a creative and supportive need in our community. It is both an expressive arts school and an arts on referral centre for individuals of all abilities and differences aged seven to 107+. It is at its heart, an adult and children’s safe space for self-expression through the medium of art for healing, transformation, rejuvenation, self-discovery, creative learning and exploration.  
-  Arts on referral 1:1 + group sessions in visual arts, drama, writing 
-  Therapeutic art for bereavement, chronic illness, trauma, anxiety

-  Classic art classes in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting
-  GCSE and A-level portfolio tutorials for art, design + photography

City: London
Job Role: Artist, Writer and Researcher
Art Forms: Fabric / Textiles, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Painting, Toys, Writing

I am interested in how the arts contribute to well being, especially in children.

Art Forms: Other, Painting, Photography
I try to make sense of the world through making art and doing this is in a group setting helps me be more compassionate about myself and overcome inhibitions.
City: Bucharest
Job Role: PhD student
I am a PhD student in Cultural Studies at the University of Bucharest (UB), researching the interactions and intersections of medicine and contemporary visual arts. My thesis explores the portrayal of clinical encounters and the evolution of artist-physician collaborative practices.

My academic background is dual: after completing my medical education (MD), I pursued a residency in Epidemiology and Hygiene and received my MA in \"Image Theory and Practice\" (visual studies) from the Centre of Excellence in Image Studies (UB). I am an emerging art writer and curator. I have been involved in multiple interdisciplinary projects and presented my work at  international conferences in the UK, France, Denmark, Romania and Bulgaria. I  currently contribute to Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal.

City: Manchester
Job Role: Artist
Company: Diana Terry Art
Art Forms: Architecture / Design, Ceramics, Painting, Writing
Iam an artist and profoundly deafened. It doesn’t define my practice but deafness affects every aspect of my life. I use my art to engage with nature and to connect with other groups. I’m currently working with Inspire Women Oldham to provide art sessions that promote wellbeing in this time of Covid 19.
City: Brighton
Job Role: Freelance Research and Interventions
Art Forms: Dance, Fabric / Textiles, Illustration, Multidisciplinary, Music, Painting, Pottery, Sculpture, Writing
My interdisciplinary work builds on and develops the talents of D/disabled and marginalised groups. I am co-author of ‘Inclusive Arts Practice and Research: a critical manifesto’ (Routledge 2015) and was Principal Investigator on the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project \'Building resilience through collaborative community arts practice.\' As a research fellow at Southampton University I used Inclusive Arts methods to explore People with Learning Disabilities\' experiences of personalisation. I am an experienced Senior Lecturer, grant writer and research project manager. As a participatory artist/researcher and group facilitator I like to work with the feelings, ideas and materials that other\'s bring to the room.
City: El Salvador
Job Role: Medical Director at Clinica de Arritmias y Marcapasos
Art Forms: Graphics, Illustration, Photography
Hello. I work delivering Telemedicine services  at
City: Sheffield
Job Role: Photographer
Art Forms: Photography
I’m a photographer with an interest in how aspects of nature and the outdoors affect our mental health, often using my own experience of depression as a starting point. I’m interested to hear other people’s stories of what makes them feel better (for me, it’s gardening and sunshine)