Thank you to those of you that could make it to the June peer group. As always, wow. I am always totally blown away by the people that turn up, the work they share and the support that’s given. Thank you to Cina, Anna and Gina for sharing such powerful works exploring trauma and textiles/maps, loss and photography, and ideas of inside/outside through textiles. Thank you!

Gina Morton brought along three different through textiles projects and we discussed how they might come together for a group exhibition she’s taking part in. Fantastic sewn portraits that were designed to be seen from both sides, highlighting the presented order on the front and the chaos that lurks underneath from the back. A chair covered in pum-pums (yep, vagina reference!) and abstract stitched woollen works. We talked about the importance of being able to see both/all sides of the works, and whether it’s OK to disclose inspiration for your works if it comes from a friend or family’s illness.

Cina Aissa shared textile works exploring trauma maps based on her experiences in Kentish Town. We talked about mapping out these experiences and perhaps turning them into a performance piece that could focus on rituals that change her relationship to local spaces. Cina mentioned the importance of collaborating (please e-mail you’re interested). Daniel mentioned The Anxiety Busting Properties of Ritual. We talked about the importance of being seen, witnessed, when working on trauma. Daniel also mentioned about TRE (Tension, Stress and Trauma Release) which could be helpful.

Anna Lerner shared photographic works based around bereavement after the recent friend of a death. Anna’s work tends to be instinctive, not so much project based, so we talked about editing the images into sequences and narratives. The powerful photographs explored absence, textures, moments of respite in patches of light, her friend’s garden etc. 

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