Supportive environments to share active works, ideas or challenges faced by artists.

Our network was born out of the idea of creating monthly events for artists to offer peer-to-peer support in advancing projects, finding solutions to challenges and reducing isolation.

Our free monthly peer groups are facilitated by artist Daniel Regan and take place at the Free Space Project (London, click to open map) on Monday evenings.

The group is open to artists from all backgrounds and experiences and is a place to share thoughts, ideas and works in a non-judgemental and open environment. The group is inclusive, built on the notion of sharing, not competing.

Next group.

Our groups and events are currently on hold due to coronavirus. All members will be notified once we’re back up and running. The details will also be posted here. You can check out our other upcoming events here.

I want to come along.

To attend you’ll need to register to become a member (it’s free). For now, our peer groups are on hold due to coronavirus.

Opportunity to present works at groups is done by application (it’s open to all) and we limit to artist presentations to 2 per event. If it’s your first time attending then we ask that you wait until the second visit to ask to present any work or ideas. There is never any pressure to present or give feedback, everyone is welcome to simply attend and be a part of a creative group.


Our peer groups take place at the Free Space Project, based at Kentish Town Health Centre. The events take place on the ground floor which is accessible for wheelchair users with wide corridors. We use the centre’s wooden seats and are unable to provide other seating. The building does not have a hearing loop in the room and we are unable to provide BSL interpreters. If you know of any grants/funds that could help with this, let us know. We want to make your experience as comfortable as possible, so please do let us know if you have any access needs, and we will try to accommodate them as much as possible, within our limitations.

What people say about the group.

“To connect with other artists working within arts and health has been very positive and making new friends. It is a very supportive group to test out new ideas and show work in progress.”

“Talking through ideas with likeminded practitioners, getting feedback, and learning about projects of others – has fuelled my confidence about working in this field and given me the sense that even though my practice is isolated, I am part of a much larger movement.”

“I love the sense of community and having both emotional and constructive support of my work. It’s great seeing and learning about the work of other artists.”

“The peer group has helped me feel that there is a place for me and the approach I take in creating art. It is just what I needed… somewhere to share and reflect on art that stems from the very personal/sensitive area(s) of health and wellbeing.”

“Attending the group has been a great experience all round. I have met new people who have knowledge to share and are open and supportive. The group has really helped me to build my confidence around speaking about my practice and it’s helped inspire me to commit to the ideas I have and make time to create work.”

“It’s helped develop my understanding of arts in health and an opportunity to meet others with the same interests.”

“I felt isolated as an artist working in this field and quite emotional at times in my work with vulnerable patients, especially without any formal supervision and the peer group has helped enormously through connecting me with other artists working in this area.”

“It has helped me meet liked minded people, make new friends and also start collaborations with other artists. It has also built my confidence.”

“It has helped me to connect with other artists, and not to feel quite so isolated.”