COVID Impact Report.

During June & July 2020 we collected information on how the pandemic has affected artists in the arts & health sector.

It is no surprise that during the coronavirus pandemic a number of artists were instantly affected by a change in circumstances. Many of the artists in the Arts & Health Hub network are freelancers and self-employed, working on a project basis. Some of the artists in the network have part time roles working across arts and health, supplementing their freelance contracts.

In the first few weeks of the UK lockdown we held weekly check-ins for artists. These open sessions were unstructured and exploratory, giving the chance for individuals to talk about how they had been impacted, both personally and professionally. From a complete loss of work to grappling with new ways of working and technologies, the sessions highlighted a number of anxieties, but also provided space for peer-to-peer support and understanding.

There are approximately 500 members in the network as of July 2020. 91 members of the network responded to our short survey which asked questions about how artists who specifically work in arts and health had been impacted by the pandemic. We also asked what arts and health practitioners would like to see from the sector.