Connect: our new series showcasing & bringing together our network members.

Prompted by the suspension of our physical activities due to the coronavirus, we’ve been finding new ways to connect as artists. Alongside our Slack community, we’re also introducing CONNECT. This new programme aims to highlight Hub members through interviews about their practice, alongside online events that unite Hub members through shared interests and topical threads in their research and practice.


Deborah Porter

Deborah is an artist whose focus is on creative art journaling and its power in recovery and healing. Her background is in graphic design and as an illustrator. Deborah runs Core Art Journaling, working with young adults to help them connect visually to their thoughts and feelings.

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Frank Reed

Frank’s works are an exploration of architecture and space; more specifically, how the buildings that surround us shape us and determine how we interact with each other.

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Jill Mueller

Jill Mueller is a London-based artist who believes in the power of art to connect people and transform lives. In her practice, she draws on personal life experience to explore issues related to health, what it means to be human, and how to make meaning in today’s world.

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Chrystal Ding

Chrystal Ding is a research-led artist who works with photography, writing, personal archives, and data to explore the impact of past (trauma) and future (technological advancement) on identity.

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Paloma Tendero

Paloma Tendero is a visual artist that works across photography and sculpture, exploring the physical and psychological relationships that spring from inherited DNA.

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Get involved.

If you’re a Hub member, let us know what you’d like to see. What similarities do you see with other member’s works? What digital events might be helpful for a number of us working towards a common goal? This could be an online discussion on photobooks, curating, rates of pay etc. We’re open! Let us help you facilitate what you need to be better. Get in touch.