Community FAQ

So you’ve joined our online community — what now? If you have registered for a member profile, you can now

  • RSVP to attend events (and submit your own events to the public section of our website)
  • Update your profile with your photo and information about your practice so that others can see what you do.
  • Message other users to connect.
  •  Join our groups to share general information related to arts and health, events & opportunities, and resources.

See below for our frequently asked questions about how to get started, setting up your profile and more. If you have a question that isn’t answered here then get in touch.

Click on the + to see the answer to the question.

Head to edit your profile (click on the ‘Community’ menu, then the ‘Edit my profile’ link). Click on the green icon (see below) and upload your profile photo. Click on the pink icon to upload your cover image. Profiles with photos help us to feel more connected.

Once you’re logged in just head to our Events page and RSVP to show you’re attending. You only need to RSVP to Hub events. You do not need to RSVP to other events that are posted by external members. You may need to purchase a ticket so please follow the event information.

Heading to the Activity page will show you all the recent activity taking place in the online community. You can head to individual profiles or groups to see strictly that content.

Head to the Members page. You can then use the dropdown menu to and sort using the filters. To see everyone select to sort by alphabetical.

Groups are open for members to join and have a particular focus. We currently have 3 groups:

  • General: for sharing general information related to arts and health. Here you can also ask general questions, share your work etc.
  • Events & Opportunities: here you can post your own events (only viewable to other Hub members), plus any upcoming opportunities. This can be open calls, commissions you’ve seen etc.
  • Resources: come across a helpful report or local community? Share it here.

It’s easy to join a group. Head to the group page and click ‘Join Group’. Then you’re free to share your information in the group and respond to other people.

You’re also free to create your own groups. Perhaps you want to create a group that’s local for your area. Go for it!

Remember, the spirit of the Hub is only as strong as the group’s engagement. If you like something, leave a comment. If you’re curious, ask a question. Let’s build this community together.

In 2020 I’ll be looking for volunteers to help with a number of things:

  • Helping out with events;
  • Social media;
  • Taking a couple of professional photos at events for the website etc;

Got a specific skill that could be useful? Get in touch.