July Peer Group

Thanks to all of you that came out for our July meeting. We had a fantastic group of 22 members, with a number of new faces (hello!) and familiar faces. As always, a fantastic selection of work shared as well as some discussion about where the group is heading and can develop (see below).

June Peer Group

Thank you to those of you that could make it to the June peer group. As always, wow. I am always totally blown away by the people that turn up, the work they share and the support that’s given. Thank you to Cina, Anna and Gina for sharing such powerful works exploring trauma and textiles/maps, loss…

April Peer Group

Thank you so much for a fantastic group on Monday. I had been feeling quite down with all that’s been going on but seeing your lovely faces, hearing about your ideas and projects was just what I needed to boost my mood. We had 18 attendees (some lovely new faces!) and 4 people presenting.

November Peer Group

We had a hugely inspiring and huge group in November, with 23 people attending. It was wonderful to see so many new and familiar faces and to hear about people’s projects and ideas working around themes of wellbeing. Thank you! Please see below for a re-cap of the group. Elsbeth van der Poel shared her on-going graphic novel, WorryBoy, aimed at…