The Arts & Health Hub is an in-person and online space for artists and cultural producers interested in arts and health. Launched in 2015 by artist Daniel Regan, the Hub is open to people of all backgrounds, disciplines, experiences and stages in their practice or career. Our 3 principles are to connect with one another, learn from one another and share with one another. The Hub is not a place to sign up, share your work and disappear. It’s an on-going commitment to working collaboratively and collectively to lift one another up. We do this in 3 key ways:

Monthly peer groups for artists & cultural producers to share active ideas, projects and questions about their practice.
Workshops, events and conferences on arts & health, always with the focus of the artist as the priority.
Connect with other members online and share resources, challenges and advice through our online platform. It's free.

Broadly speaking the Hub is for people:

  • Creating personal work about their lived experiences;
  • Creating socially engaged artwork with the broad aims of improving wellbeing;
  • Interested in getting into the field of arts & health but aren’t sure where to start and need some support;
  • Working in the arts and health field and want to develop their career, as well as support others.
Frequently Asked Questions

Register to become a member, it’s free. Then you can RSVP to our in-person events to show you’re attending, edit your profile, see who else is in the network and message others to connect. You can also sign up to our mailing list to receive reminders for events, re-caps of our peer groups, plus information on relevant opportunities and events.

The Hub is for artists and cultural producers (curators, producers, commissioners etc) that are interested in or working in the field of arts and health. There is no hierarchy in the Hub — everyone is welcome, regardless of their experiences. We welcome to people of all backgrounds and champion the power of lived experience. The make-up of the group is diverse and is what makes the collective so powerful and effective.

We also welcome health professionals who have an interest in arts. Perhaps you are interested in social prescribing or work within an NHS trust in an arts management role. We’d be happy to have you in the network.

The ethos of the Hub is to support and lift one another up, not compete with another. If you’re here to compete and hoard resources, the Hub isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a welcoming network of likeminded individuals who want to nurture and support one another, you’re in the right place.

The majority of the Arts & Health Hub events are free. At times there may be a fee, depending on the running costs of an event. Wherever possible we will always endeavour to offer a sliding scale of costs for those on low income. If you would like to attend an event and would like to talk about concessionary tickets, please get in touch.

Access to Hub events will always be prioritised to those in the network. By this we mean people that are registered with the Hub. In order to access events, you’ll need to register on our website (it’s free) to join our network.

Once you’re registered you can simply RSVP to events to let us know that you’re attending. Confused? Get in touch.

Sign up to our mailing list where information about updates and future events are sent out to the network.

Our events are heavily in demand, often with huge wait lists. Only those that have RSVP’d via our system will be permitted into events. It’s simple and free. If you haven’t RSVP’d to attend an event, sadly you won’t be able to gain access to the event.

Life happens to us all and at times we can’t make it to the things we’ve registered to attend. That’s fine. Just let us know. For those serial no-shows you may find that others are prioritised over you when it comes to attending events.