We want to help artists discover their tribe.

We’re a network for artists and cultural producers (curators etc) interested or working in the field of arts and health.

Our 3 principles are to connect with one another, learn from one another and share with one another. The Hub is not a place to sign up, share your work and disappear. It’s an on-going commitment to working collaboratively and collectively to lift one another up. The Hub is artist led and primarily for artists, although we welcome people from other backgrounds.

We are inclusive. Our network is open to artists from all backgrounds, communities, experiences and qualifications. No one is better than the other.

Read below about what we do and how to join us.

How do we do that?

Monthly peer groups.

In-person events for artists to share active works, ideas or challenges they face in arts & health. Each artist receives peer-to-peer support from the group, offering support and advice from our hive mind.


Our network grew out of monthly peer-to-peer groups for artists to support one another. In addition to these we now run other events, including professional development workshops and socials. In the future we’ll also be organising exhibitions. Click here to see our upcoming events.

Online Community.

A place to connect with other artists, share works and challenges, discover resources, or just check-in with others in the sector. We use Slack, a team communication tool. It’s free to join.


We started in 2015 and have delivered over 60 events and a public exhibition. We now have over 600 members.

The Hub is run by London based artist Daniel Regan and was born out of a need to connect with likeminded artists without competition. Over the past five years the network has grown to support artists and cultural producers. The network exists to help artists to crystallise creative visions, troubleshoot sector problems, and provide practical and emotional support. We work together, for each other.

Common questions.

Is the Hub for me?

The Hub is for artists and cultural producers (curators, producers, commissioners etc) that are interested in or working in the field of arts and health. There is no hierarchy in the Hub — everyone is welcome, regardless of their experiences. We welcome to people of all backgrounds and champion the power of lived experience. The make-up of the group is diverse and is what makes the collective so powerful and effective.

I want to get involved. Where do I start?

Register with us, it’s free. Once you’re registered you can RSVP to our in-person events via our site. We’ll also send you an invite to join us over on our online Slack community.

How much does it cost?

Our online community and the majority of our events are free. At times we charge a small fee for events. If you would like to talk about concessionary tickets, get in touch. We want to help.

I work for an arts & health organisation, can I join?

Sure. We’re open to artists and professionals from the arts and health sector, but please note that our network is artist led and primarily for artists.

We are always open to new partner organisations to deliver projects with. Get in touch and let’s talk.


Feel free to get in touch with us at info@artsandhealthhub.org.